"Agency blogs serve different functions," said Bernard Urban.
"It’s allowing people who visit our agency
site to get a feel for who we are without even having a conversation
with us," he said. "We have a living point of view." - Nat Ives, "The New York Times"

While still cool ,this interview was a long time ago.
Bernard Urban no longer blogs.
He might still be on Twitter... try him there.

"Always bringing new and unexpected ideas to the table." - Da Simms, The Blue Flame Agency/CIROC Ultra Premium Vodka

"Holds the distinction of always coming up with the most creative thinking on whatever project we assign." - Marjorie Vree, IMP

"They showed that they understood us completely and put a fresh take on our brand." - Sarah Oliphant, Citymeals-on-Wheels

""A spare, elegant, highly functional interface, minus the tricks and flashy motion graphics that so plague the online world of higher education." - Patrick Berzinski, Stevens Institute of Technology